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Nihil Obstat, Brutal Death Metal, Palmira.

Activa, Gormageddon Productions

Nihil Obstat, Bandas de Brutal Death Metal de Palmira.
Concerts: NIHIL OBSTAT in Purulent Spermcanal En Colombia in Bogota.
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    NIHIL OBSTAT starts by the end of 1999 in Palmira - Valle del Cauca (Colombia), consisted initially of Luis Fernando Castillo on drums,Andrés Felipe Bonilla on vocals,Andrés Camacho on bass, Germán ?Mancho? Ramirez and David Santos on guitars.

    By the end of 2000 relays are made on bass by Dario Seba and Germán Orejuela on drums, time in which the band journeys through the different stages in Valle del Cauca and the country. By 2001 the demo-tape DESTIERRO AL OPRESOR is released by the label HATE PRODUCTION which is property of the band.

    By the dawn of 2003 the drummer Leofaber Gutierrez enters the band with whom the musical direction of the band is consolidated and in 2004 Fabián Tejada takes place as bass player establishing the line up consolidating the job of the band.

    In 2004 the band enters the brutal US label GOREGIASTIC RECORDS which gets interested in it?s musical potential signing the production agreement for the first CD entitled INHERITED PRIMITIVE BEHAVIORS released for world distribution. Since the release of the album a great number of reviews, critics and aknowledgement to it is received, along with interviews made by different media from many countries in various continents where the sound of NIHIL OBSTAT has reached.

    Leofaber Gutierrez leaves the band in 2007 and enters to be part of the team Juan Camilo Delgado, in the beggining of 2008 Fabian Tejada leaves us and is replaced on bass by German Mancho Ramirez forming the band today as a quartet, and with this new line-up is record the second album entitled DISINTEGRATION released by the hand of the brutal Label GORMAGGEDON PRODUCTIONS of the Russian promoters STYGIAN CRYPT PRODUCTIONS.

    During these 10 years of work we have had the opportunity to share the stage with international bands like SUFFOCATION, KRISIUN, ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE, and likewise with great national bands as MASACRE, NEUROSIS INC, KILCROPS, PURULENT among many others, all this in the context of a large number of shows in several cities and a presentation in Ecuador where the sound of the band has left its mark.

    Mauricio Correa (vocalista).
    Camilo Delgado (baterista)
    David Santos (guitarrista).
    German Mancho Ramirez (bajista).


    Un dia como hoy nace: Anderson Alvarez (bateristas, 1987-05-26) de la banda Esquizofrenia

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