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Nonsense Premonition, Technical Brutal Death Metal , Bogota.

Activa, Independiente

Nonsense Premonition, Bandas de Technical Brutal Death Metal   de Bogota.
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    Nonsense Premonition ( NsP ) arises at the beginning of 2004 at the initiative of Camilo Garci�­a (bass) and David Jacome ( vocals ), mainly influenced by different genres of metal, with the ultimate goal being extreme metal; so today the bands compositions have elements mainly of technical and brutal death metal , without discarding the black metal and the thrash metal in its sound.

    At the end of 2006 and after some changes in its initial alignment, the band recorded a single with the themes The Game Has Begun and The Grim Courtyard obtaining a more aggressive sound and technical.

    Their first album Communion Of Fears was released in 2010. In 2012 they recorded their first Delusional Synapse video clip. His next video was Scarecrow released in 2013 and in December of this year Nonsense Premonition enters the studio to record his 2 Metatrilithon album that saw the light in 2015.

    The Colombian band Nonsense Premonition has shared the stage with international bands such as Napalm Death (UK) , Internal Suffering (COL/ US), Confronto (BRA), Job For a Cowboy ( US), Malignancy (US), Lamb of God (US), Misery Index (US), Cerebral Bore (SCO) and the band of Thrash Metal Testament (US).

    In 2016 he participated in the Rock at the Park in Bogota and in 2017 they were on stage in Quito, Ecuador, sharing stage with Testament.

    Esteban Souza (baterista), Loathsome Faith(baterista).
    David Jacome (vocalista)


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