Parabellum, Black Metal, Medellin.

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Parabellum, Bandas de Black Metal de Medellin.
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Like Nekromantie, Reencarnacion and Sacrilegio, this is one of the most influential underground metal bands in the world.

Considered the first extreme metal band of Colombia and one of the first in South America. For this reason, Parabellum has a great reputation and cult status in the underground metal scene around the world.

From Medellín , It was founded ending the year of 1981. With influences from various metal genres. All this as a result of a new current in the underground scene of the city , which came out exactly in the legendary battle of the groups of the year 1985 in the Plaza De Toros De La Macarena, scene that until then, was focused on imitating bands of heavy metal .

Parabellum , next to Nekromantie, Reencarnacion , Sacrilegio and others, loyal representatives of a turn with respect to all those groups. With these musical groups is created for the first time a sound with a lot of power, without taboos and ultimately something unique in the scenario of Colombia and the world.

Its sound was the result of a very violent context that left the original style of the band as a witness. They are usually classified as a black metal band, but, in truth, Parabellum is a Colombian band that was responsible for influencing many bands and being recognized all over the world.

The lyrics of his songs are a criticism of Christianity, which are clearly reflected in Madre Muerte y Engendro 666 (Sacrilegio) , and its relationship with what is known as Black Metal is complex, as they are contemporaries of what originated in Scandinavia as Black Metal .

The sound of Parabellum is then related to Ultra-Metal or the Anti-Technical Metal , a sound that is also related to the scene of underground metal in Bosa and Soacha (Municipalities bordering Bogotá, Colombia in the nineties). This sound was characterized by its strength and forcefulness, and on the other hand no technique or academic knowledge.

Like other special characteristics in the environment in which this musical style was developed, the violence in Medellín ), and in general in Colombia for the mid-eighties. Violence that can be seen recorded in songs such as: Warmongering, Sex, Monopoly , and other issues that worried the population at that time such as: Radiation Mutation .

However, and with its limited record production (two EPs and a commemorative compilation), Parabellum leaves an immense legacy in the global underground scene. It is for this reason that a number of metal magazines around the world for the late eighties and until the mid-nineties, it was highlighted the respect that had members of such important bands as: Mayhem, Sextrash, Impaled Nazarene and Sarcofago for this band. Contradictory to this, Parabellum would go unnoticed for many years even in the underground scene of Colombia.

By the end of the nineties the recognition of the importance of its sound would come, who after an analysis of its sound and the importance it had for future generations of metal not only in Colombia, but also in Latin America, would assume that they were pioneers in their time.

In the Nordic underground scene for example, many testimonies claim to have been influenced by their music at that time.

In a commemorative compilation of 2005 you can read for example the following testimony:

I listened to Parabellum in the early nineties in a shop in Oslo, Norway called Helvete. Its owner was Řystein Aarseth Euronymous who was the first person to talk to me about this Colombian group. He said the following:

They were one of the few real bands that ever existed, who along with the band Reencarnacion were a vast musical influence for Mayhem.

These words show the importance attached to Parabellum, who occupy a special position in the highest metal circles around the world.


Cipriano Alvarez (baterista), ex-Hp Hc(baterista), ex-Libra(baterista).
La Bruja (guitarrista), Herpes(Vocalista, Todos Los Instrumentos), Organismos(guitarrista).
Ramon Reinaldo Restrepo (vocalista), Blasfemia(vocalista), Ramon(vocalista), Restos De Tragedia( Vocalista, Bajista), ex-Agressor(vocalista), ex-Imri(vocalista)
Jhon Jairo Martinez (guitarrista), ex-Blasfemia(guitarrista), ex-Nemesis(guitarrista).

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