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Purulent, Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore, Bogota.

Separada, Label: Mutilated Records

Purulent, Bandas de Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore de Bogota.
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    Purulent began in 95 with members of a death band called Mortem , looking for a different and more extreme music than what was shown at that time in the Colombian metal underground scene. The formation was led by David Rairan , guitar and choirs.

    At the end of this year two songs were recorded for the Colombian compilation called Looking Through The Windows of Icarus Records , this was very accepted, so a national tour began in 1996 in cities like: Armenia, Bucaramanga and Cali.

    Purulent had its first show at Rock at the Park 1996 .

    At the end of 1996, they began recording their first CD called Grotesque Pathology, followed by another national tour with the American band Incantation in Medellin, Bucaramanga, Pereira and Bogota.

    After this, Daniel Paz joined the purulent roads of the band, former member of Sarcoma.

    Finally, the lineup was completed for Rock at the Park 1998. Then, the band had a show in Quito, Ecuador in 1999 with local bands Ente, Necrophobia and Chancro Duro.

    After this, during the year 2000 they had some shows in Pereira, Armenia, Cali and Bogota. In this year, the band was invited to record a special rock program Match Music on the City TV channel.

    They record a promotional package for compilations such as American Line Productions and Emetic Desecrations Vol 1. grind / death compilation 2000 . The band in 2001 began recording the new CD called Garavito s Pedophilia Tales, available for Mutilated Records Label of the city of Armenia, Quindio, Colombia.

    This CD was also distributed to United Gutural, Ablated Rec De Ohio, Relapse Records, Repulse Rec from Spain and Europe and other labels from around the world.

    After that Sebastian Guarin and Beto complete the alignment. The band had concerts in Colombia working hard for the promotion and distribution of their CD.

    Daniel Paz (Bajo, Voz), Amputated Genitals(bajista), Kinguts(bajista), Holy Shit Bse(Vocalista (como Vulgarism Flatulence)), ex-Carnivore Diprosopus(guitarrista), ex-Ethereal(bajista)
    David Rairan (Voz, Guitarra).
    Beto Drunks Martinez (bateria), Suppuration(Bateria, Voz (como Dying Betus)), ex-Amputated Genitals(bateria), ex-My Plague( Bateria)
    Sebastian Guarin (voz), Bacteremia(vocalista), Decarabion(vocalista), ex-Amputated Genitals(vocalista), ex-Suppuration(vocalista).


    Un dia como hoy nace: Julietta Ocampo (vocalista, 1994-10-21) de la banda Eternal

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