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Reencarnación, Black Thrash Metal , Medellin.

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Reencarnacion, Bandas de Black Thrash Metal  de Medellin.
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    Reencarnación is a band that was created in the city of Medellin, Colombia in 1987, after the dissolution of the Colombian band Profecia. Víctor Raúl Jaramillo (Piolín), begins to lead this project with compositions that had been carried out since April 1984.

    Together with the guitarist Federico López (Habichuela) , they form this Colombian band and were making attempts with Petete (guitar) , El Sorpre (bass) and several drummers without reaching anything acceptable within this musical proposal.

    Federico joined other people later and founded the missing and Colombian great band Ekrión .

    At that time they had a good drummer: El Gato. After Piolin mounted his first and final song that was called Abortos at the beginning, he asked this drummer to ride the now called North Funeral and other songs that had lists.

    The first contact of the band (Piolin, guitar and El Gato, drums) with the audience was at a concert with other groups of the Underground scene of Medellín , as Agressor , Blasfemia and Profanacion in 1987.

    After several presentations, the Colombian metal band Reencarnación recorded their first demo-tape titled Dioses Muertos with great acceptance and with the already known influences of Uriah Heep, Rush, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, Voivod, Slayer, Parabellum , Ratos de Porao, Rovsvett, Permanent Damage, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, GBH, Stravinsky and Bach.

    In this demo tape there are themes that came in the order of a progressive metal, with rhythms and influences that somehow involved the sounds of the Punk and the Hardcore.

    In February of the year 1988 they enter again to studies (Raymond Records) and record the first long duration of the Colombian metal, entitled 888 Metal , where a classical guitar was added as atmosphere, interpreted by Ricardo Amaya (ex Profecia) and a leading violin performed by little David Rivera (leader of the Colombian band Tenebrarum ).

    Laura Corrales (bajista), Mordaz(bajista), Putrefaccion(bajista).
    Piolin (voz), ex-Hp Hc(bateria), ex-Profecia(voz).


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