Runner Hell, Heavy Metal, La Estrella, Antioquia.

Last Updated: 09 hours, April, 02, 2020. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Chozin Black Records.
Runner Hell, Bandas de Heavy Metal de La Estrella, Antioquia.
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This band emerged from hell to rescue the truly classic 80s metal sound, inherited from bands such as: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Obsessión, Grim Reaper, Exciter, Manowar and NWOBHM bands, whose sound has been invaded by current movements forgetting the metal roots, and putting aside the energy and feeling.

RUNNER HELL was formed by Julio Sierra (lead guitar), Felipe Davila (rhytm guitar and vocals). Christian Ospina (drums) in the early 2004 in La Estrella (Antioquia - Colombia). Later on having the collaboration of Alex Vélez in the Bass guitar during the first year soon to enter completely.

From its very beginning until the present, RUNNER HELL has been on live-stage locally. Its outraging feeling and energy has been highlighted, when performing their own songs and cover by bands like Grim Reaper, Exciter, Diamond Head, Stormwitch, Arkangel, among others, that remark its influences in its musical aims. The band has played along with local bands such as: Nightmare, Dirges, Fire, Dead Soul, Dissector, Sanctuary, Amadis.

Bands ideology attempts to rescue the good classic metal sound. It is reflected on its rhythms and lyrics that expose distinct topics from personal experiences to war, myth, demons, death, among others.

The Band records its first demo Nights of hell, during the month of May of 2006 in Chozin Black Record, which counts on 4 own songs and to cover of the recognized Canadian band Exciter, Saxon of the fire.