Sacra, Hard Rock, Medellín.

Last Updated: 09 hours, April, 02, 2020. Spanish version. Currently Separada.
Sacra, Bandas de Hard Rock de Medellín.
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Sacra is a chilean colombo-band created in the year of 2008, and which is currently based in the city of Medellin; this combines electronic elements, classic sounds of heavy metal and Gregorian chants, an original sound that gives as a result a great mix of sound and gives the viewer a professional musical proposal.

All its lyric content is printed with a large amount of existentialism, that makes reasoning to the listener and ask why. A trip that undertakes and which proposes an awakening of consciousness with basis on the human being as a universe that must be understood.

In the year of 2008 Sacra would record the first of his singles entitled 'El Miedo' and in 2009 its work known as 'Existencial'. Recording that was made in Colombia and mixed in Alien and Music Entertainment in Atlanta, United States.

Currently Sacra is a Colombian band active and its main Vocalist John Abadia, is known as the tenor of the Rock in Colombia, who has a great social presence, which gives an account of the quality of his work, reaching even to participate in television programs competing with the talent of his voice.

John Abadia El Tenor Del Rock (Voz).