Sadistic Mutilation, Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore, Bogota.

Sadistic Mutilation en Bogota Grind Death Fest Xix en Bogota.

Last Updated: 08 hours, June, 12, 2020. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Pathologically Explicit Recordings.
Sadistic Mutilation, Bandas de Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore de Bogota.
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Sadistic Mutilation is a brutal colombian band that is born at the end of the 2005 by aberration musicians been in an own and extreme sound with influences brutal gore death and grind.

The thematics of their songs relates the real thoughts homicidal of psychopath sadics and their acts like aberration and macabres tortures with which physics and morally to a person can be denigrated. The instrumental part is quick and technique, the voices are ultraguturales within gore and the grind occurs to much importance to each instrument like the lyrics, the line him music are composed with enough professionalism.

To possess a cd demo called dismembering bodies with 8 tracks and a bonus video. they have made several concerts with bands of recognition national also wait to remove its cd to half from the 2007 that to include subjects of the cd debut, as new subjects and videos at the beginning of the 2007 the drummer is united to them John Pi├▒eros to give him but to brutality and force to the band since she has a great musical level as future plans a national tour began and to record of the cd a greeting for all the people who support the band and that to be always giving energy in each concert.

Un dia como hoy nace: Alejandro Gonzalez (vocalista, 1983-04-13) de la banda Soul Disease

Un dia como hoy nace: Alejandro Gonzalez (vocalista, 1983-04-13) de la banda Soul Disease