Subversion, Thrash Metal, Pereira.

Last Updated: 08 hours, October, 26, 2020.Por Jose H. Velasco. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Independiente.
Subversion, Bandas de Thrash Metal de Pereira.
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Subversion is a Colombian band that was born in the middle of a country with immense social and armed conflicts, which have for decades injuring millions of people. This band was born in the city of Pereira, running the 2008, making a resounding sound thrash metal, by means of which express their disagreements with the world and with everything that surrounds them.

Taking different sounds of thrash metal, which come from the different musical influences of each of its members, Subversion is a Colombian band that seeks to be with their own sound. This band of Pereira begins trials ending the year 2008, where take place the first essay of this Colombian band, at the hands of Orlando Cano (bass) and Juan Anduquia (drums), who have already started to work with two guitarists and a vocalist in a rehearsal room known as Rock Star located in the center of the city of Pereira.

In the beginning Subversion would start with the implementation of recognized covers of the best of the thrash metal. Until that time and with the need to translate all the ideas of its various members, decided to take the next step to begin a creative process and nurturing of this Colombian band. Achieving a crude sound that is reflected in their first singles ‘Futuro Desmembrado and Dias Crudos’.

Already having a first alignment conformed, Subversion would decide to make a first appearance in live in the Technological University of Pereira, at the Faculty of Arts.

After a process in which some of the members of this Colombian band would be replaced, batteries of the band is forced to be composite again in a long period of time, but giving it a sound much more convincing to this grouping. The arrival of the years 2011 and 2012, and with a much more robust training, Subversion undertakes a series of concerts, sharing the stage with Colombian bands of great career as Witchtrap, Betrayer, Regimen and Ursus. In the middle of 2012, also be undertaken recordings of his first EP entitled ‘Humano’, launched for the year of 2013.

Jose Velasco (Guitarra Y Voz)
Victor Valencia (bajo)
Robinson Sierra (guitarra)