The Stranges, Dirty Rock, Bogota.

Last updated on March, 08, 2018. 18 hours. Spanish version. The Stranges is currently activa. Current label: Independiente.
The Stranges, Dirty Rock from Bogota.
The Stranges Band is not just another band of musicians, is a gathering of friends, who after experimenting with various genres is showing a very strong rocks proposal , in which the aggressive encounters melodic and where the vocal melody is a journey through the pain, hatred and passion are mixed, and which reaches a point where they leave the lyric singing to pass to the ragged growls.

The Stranges would settle in 2012, after a conversation accompanied by a beer. After that they exploit all their energy on stage through their songs. The band has focused on creating songs that impact their audience, and they provide a good space for headbanging.

In 2013 The Stranges start working with producer Pyngwi and Da Juan Morales in the co-production, studies Art & Co Records. And beginning in 2014 the band already had two tracks on the first EP titled "Try This" , which were "Wonderland" and "Twisted" , each with its own style.

Today this band continues working very strong in studio, to give all his followers his new album that comes with the launch of Madhouse, album that shares through social networks and platforms musicals such as: Reverbnation, Itunes and Spotify.

Sascha Schouvalow (vocalista).
Helver Asbeth (bajista).
Jhonathan Barrera (guitarrista Lider).
Jose Millan (baterista), En Vela(baterista).