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The Tryout, Hardcore|Punk, Bogotá.

Activa, Label: Independiente

The Tryout, Bandas de Hardcore|Punk de Bogotá.
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    Already with more than 6 years of experience this band from Bogota, has of its own with two albums, it also has toured Colombia. This group has been created in the year 2009, showing a reality from a positive point of view.

    Thanks to its sound and strength in the scenario, today are emerging as one of the most important hardcore bands in South America. Their discs We all have stories to tell (2011) and We are living (2013) were produced by different record labels Tower of Acre (Col), Fast Kids Crew (Peru), G3 Records (Peru) and Vegan Records (Argentina). The kind of work which have allowed them to make the date a grand tour of all of Latin America, including Paraguay, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and also include the most important cities of Colombia. Its great presentation at a Festival de Rock al Parque, met every expectation of its followers. One of their latest music videos, is entitled headaches, produced by Spectra Post-Produccion.


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