Twilight Glimmer, Death Metal, Pereira.

Twilight Glimmer en Vomitory Colombia 2019 en Medellin.

Last Updated: 21 hours, August, 06, 2019. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Impetus Fire.
Twilight Glimmer, Bandas de Death Metal de Pereira.

Twilight Glimmer is a Colombian band born in December of 1998.

From the beginning they would be recognized as a very promising group that brought together a group of high level musicians, which is why they would begin to be invited to the most important cities throughout Colombia in the best stages.

Up to these days the band had recorded four professional albums (Paradox, 2002; Mindusk, 2004; In-fested, 2008; Indignation, 2013); had played in eight countries in two south american tours; and had been invited to be the supporting act of VADER, SUFFOCATION, MONSTROSITY, MARDUK, OVERKILL, DESTRUCTION, D.R.I, DYING FETUS, among others; some of these bands in the 2011 version of the international Rock al Parque festival (the biggest latinoamerican rock fest).

The band is also considered as one of the best in terms of lyrics and concepts in the country.

David Valencia (guitarrista), Bang(Guitarra Y Voz), Vago Blues(Guitarra Y Voz), ex-Evenlost(guitarra), ex-Land Of Chaos(guitarra).
Victor Valencia (bajista), Bang(bajista), Eshtadur(bajista).

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