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Typhon, Black Metal, Medellín.

Inactiva, Label: Warmaster Records

Typhon, Bandas de Black Metal de Medellín.
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    One of the old school bands of Black Metal in Medellin, Colombia.

    This is one of the Black Metal Bands that maintained an intense communication with Dead and Euronymous of Mayhem in Colombia . They also founded one of the first private cults of Satan in Colombia .

    Typhon: The Old Black Metal School in Colombia
    Typhon: The Old School of Black Metal in Medellín.

    They were called Los Lobos contra de Cristo. Mauricio Bull Metal (RIP) creator of the Warmaster Records record label was a member of this band.

    This label became popular after the illegal distribution of a live concert by Mayhem: 'Dawn of the Black Hearts' . The lyrics of 'Eternal Life' were originally written by Dead of Mayhem as a gift to Mauricio Bull Metal . Later these lyrics were used in De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas by Mayhem .

    Typhon as a posthumous tribute to Dead and Euronymous of Mayhem used the lyrics of this song.

    Bull Metal (baterista), ex-Masacre(baterista), ex-Sacrilegio(baterista).


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