Tzelmoth, Black Metal, Medellin.

Last Updated: 09 hours, April, 02, 2020. Spanish version. Currently Activa. Label: Hycha Nutabe Rex.
Tzelmoth, Bandas de Black Metal de Medellin.
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Tzelmoth is one of the more prolific colombian black metal bands, in some of their productions we find:

Unholy Throne (Demo 2005)
Tzelmoth (Demo 2007)
Manifesto of the Abyss (EP 2008)
Order of Majestic Fire (EP 2008)
Black Metal Attack / Old Madness: Raw, Grim and Damned! (Split 2009)
Arcane Lucifer (Full-length 2009)
Infernal Void 'Black Matter Kaos' (Split 2009)
Covenant and South American Ritual (Split 2009)
Worship to the eternal deities of the Abyss (Split 2009)
Apotheosis Damn the Adverse incident (Full-length 2010)