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Ufology, Alien Metal, Bogotá.

Activa, Label: Independiente

Ufology, Bandas de Alien Metal de Bogotá.
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    Ufology is a band of metal industrial electronic from Bogota. This musical project as such, it is conceived in the ideas of Mark Bryam Montaño and Edwin Castillo. And its first musical lineup would be achieved in the month of October 2010, at the time of the joining the band Jeison Castillo in the drums, and Jhon Montaño in the bass of the band.

    In 2012 an unfortunate incident led to the disintegration of this band as a whole, in this way Ufology totally dependent on his founding member Mark Bryan Montano, who, thanks to the help of Alejandro Soler, initiate a process of hearings beginning 2013 to this band renewed again. At the beginning of 2014, the alignment of Ufology reached an important point, after the accession of Luis Aldana on guitar and Manuel Bonilla, musicians that thanks to its experience and journey, they would make a great quality to be reborn this band, working in the same genre that they called Alien Metal.


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