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Ultrageno, Rock, Hardcore, Metal, Bogota.

Inactiva, Independiente

Ultrageno, Bandas de Rock, Hardcore, Metal de Bogota.
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    It was formed in 1996 when its members came together with the idea of forming a band that will incorporate new elements of work, such as the characteristic sound of the violin, accelerated tempos and lyrics that will manifest a political and social commitment.

    They assimilated trends from the world scene, and translated them into a rock language with elements from dance, techno, trip-hop and industrial, among other genres that use electronic resources. The energy of their live performances, among other things, is characterized by the strength of metal, the freedom and irreverence of punk and the criticism of rap.

    After positioning itself as one of the most recognized bands in the city and performing alongside important national and international groups, his work is praised by the jury of the Rock al Parque IV festival, who decided to exempt him from the playoffs for his musical quality and strength of their live performances.

    The public also welcomes the work of the band and it reaches second place in a survey by the weekly Suburbia, which asks about the most requested group for Rock al Parque.

    In October 1998 the group published their first album under the Hormigaloca Producciones label. This album, in addition to containing 13 original songs by the group, includes a downbeat mix of the song Drulos, performed by the techno-industrial band Sensoria, who are working with the Mexican group Artefakto.

    Among the recognitions that this work has received from the public and the press are: having been selected as best national album of the year and Drulos as the best song of the year , by the listeners of the program 4 channels of 99.1 FM in Bogotá; and the Shock award ceremony as Best Independent Album of the Year .

    In 1999, in addition to continuing with his presentations, such as the Tower album, in which he caused a little chaos by having to leave more than half of the followers outside the premises; Launches the video of the track Ultrageno, made in 16mm, which reaches on several occasions to position itself in the count of the 5 most requested by Mtv Latino. And that he received the award for best Colombian video at the Much Music Awards in Canada.

    She also re-enters the studio when she is selected by Dulce Limón records from Argentina, to participate in the bizarre Tribute to Soda Stereo recording the song Nuestra fé.

    The year requested by A.N.I.M.A.L. ends. to play with them in the presentation of the work Use All Your Force in Colombia, performing a concert in the theater La media torta in front of 12,000 people.

    Amos Piñeros (voz), Tequendama(voz), ex-Catedral(voz).


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