Unauthorized, Melodic Death Metal, Bogota.

Last updated on June, 20, 2018. 19 hours. Spanish version. Unauthorized is currently activa. Current label: Advent Records.
Unauthorized, Melodic Death Metal from Bogota.
Unauthorized formed in late 2005 in Bogotá. Since the beginning Unauthorized have aimed at creating new sounds by experimenting with intensity, strength and vanguard to get new vibrations for the Metal-Rock scene in Colombia. The band have been influenced by other melodic death, trash, and new metal bands, and countless other bands.

Their debut album, released in 2008, was called A Place Full Of Madness and was recorded at Audio Factory studios in Bogotá and supported by Advent Records.

A Place Full Of Madness, their first album, was achieved thanks to the talent and experience of all their members who have worked hard to compose songs full of feeling with authentic, positives messages and with music that transmits energy and power.

Unauthorized have played many shows with other important Colombian bands at metal and rock festivals in Colombia, notably are concerts in El Renacimiento Park, Teatro Jorge Eliécer Gaitán (where they warmed up for Swedish band Dark Tranquility) and Teatro del Museo Nacional where Unauthorized released their debut album.

In 2009, Unauthorized were selected to be included on a national rock album Radionica Vol.1, by the radio station Radionica, a member of RTVC. Unauthorized’s track Survive was included on the album and was taken from their album A Place Full Of Madness. The same year, Unauthorized played in the famous Latin-American Festival Rock al Parque, and other shows in Festival Rock Hyntiva and Festival Cali Underground as well, and they were nominated for Best Artist of Hard Rock in the 2009 SHOCK Awards.

In 2010, they were selected by the Mexican radio station Máximo Voltaje to be included on the album Metal Colombo-Mexicano with their song Disappointed. In June of the same year, they were included on a CD commemorating 15 years of the Festival Rock al Parque, with the song Tears.

In late 2010, Unauthorized played at different national metal festivals in Bogotá and were a special guest for the second year in a row at the Festival Cruzada del Fuego in Cali, Colombia.

At present, Unauthorized’s second album is in pre-production. It will consist of 12 tracks aimed at both the national and international market.

Ivan Guerrero (guitarrista Lider), Cuantica(Guitarrista Lider).