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Darkness, Thrash Metal, Bogota.

Activa, Independiente

Darkness, Bandas de Thrash Metal de Bogota.
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    ' Darkness is a Colombian band that has long earned a great place on the national scene . They have left a great legacy that leaves much in the minds of future generations of emerging musicians who take them as part of their influence to continue working for national metal in Colombia .

    The Colombian metal is a cultural reference in this country, and the current presentations of Colombian bands have considerable public assistance. The different bands that represent each genre within metal and Rock in Colombia , have their select group of followers, this is because metal in Colombia is constantly evolving, Darkness is a band that started a long time ago, but is definitely part of that evolution.

    Darkness: Within the Best National Rock Bands

    The Darkness metal band was created more exactly in the year of 1989, and would become one of the first official Colombian bands at the time. Its presentations always represented a full crowd, stage after stage his followers were increasing. They confess that the first touch that the band would make more than two decades ago would be attended by some 60 people, a figure that was never the same again, and that is why it made them part as an official band within Colombian metal and rock.

    Its ideology included strong thoughts that described protest, transition, freedom, poverty, the lament of the nonconformist, beer and Rock n ''Roll. A trio formed by Rodrigo Vargas (guitar, voice), Oscar Orjuela (drums), Carlos Olmos (bass), who together learned through of their creativity to achieve a powerful message, and a live performance that managed to captivate attention to this day, and who were seen even by all the people who dabbled in music back then, those who began to interpret their first riffs with a guitar.

    Among the most emblematic presentations of Darkness are the one held in the main park of the municipality of Soacha in November 98, at the Festival Del Sol Y La Luna , which became a true Rock Al Parque Festival , a unique and pioneering venue in Soacha.

    The Creators of an Anthem within the National Metal

    Darkness never considered recording an album to be really important, and things were happening over time thanks to the talent they showed, and which would awaken the interest of certain people who thought of translating that talent into record material. And it was in this way that " Espias Malignos " was born, which is highly remembered thanks to a hymn for any connoisseur of the metal genre in Colombia called: "Metalero" . Its lyrical content was always related to the reality lived in Colombia, and all the social conflicts that have been generated through time.

    Darkness would not record in a long period of time, in which several failed attempts left the band with the impossibility of forming a quartet, and accepting the fate that they would not need a fourth member as at the beginning of their history. In 1995 the second record work of the Colombian band Darkness came to the market at the time called: ? Soberanía: Soberana ironía ?. And where the transition from Speed Metal to a much more elaborate and mature Hard Rock sound is evident.

    Darkness Next to The Music of Metallica

    The best moment of the band was evident before all its Colombian public, because they would become opening act for Metallica on their first arrival in Colombia , a presentation that took place in the Simón Bolívar Park in Bogotá, in where for the first time a concert of this size, he managed to gather 100,000 people to see one of the most important bands in the world.

    To this day nothing ends for Darkness, they continue to write the history of National Rock in Colombia, and they have earned the respect of thousands of followers throughout their career.

    Patricio Stiglich (guitarra), Patricio Stiglich Project(Voz, Guitarra), Parallax(Voz, Guitarra), Indio(guitarra).
    Aleran De Adularia (voz), Abandon Light(vocalista), Rigel Antharys(vocalista).
    Oscar Orjuela (baterista).
    Hector Mariño (bajo).

    Letra y video de Agresiva


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