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Eshtadur, Death, Melodic, Metal, Symphonic, Pereira.

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Eshtadur, Bandas de Death, Melodic, Metal, Symphonic de Pereira.
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    The Colombian band Eshtadur, emerges as a musical project that was born at the end of 2005, with its first line-up a single was made, Timo Be Timo , which was the cause of initiating the process and the sound they was searching, followed by the first album called Rebellion Of Angels , with 7 tracks composed by Alex Giraldo and Jorge López, all recorded in the recording studio of The Blast Studio of Pereira.

    The band Eshtadur makes its way playing in several cities across the country for 2 years, following the concepts of big bands like Old Man's Child, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth and Limbonic Art.

    In 2008, Jorge López began what would be his solist career, continuing what has already been done in Eshtadur, with a new line-up for 2009, the band Eshtadur returns to local stages with new songs, and repertoire of the first album, several guest musicians participated in several concerts until 2010, when a permanent line-up was defined with Wilmer Herrera and Sebastián Supa on guitars, Dani Zapata on bass and Jorge López leading and vocal member.

    Eshtadur - Dominated by Dummies ( 2011)

    Eshtadur - Dominated by Dummies (2011)

    After playing in multiple national stages, in Quindío, in El Valle and of course in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, in 2011 is the release of the album, Dominated By Dummies , which was pressed in the United States , composed and recorded by Jorge López, consists of an original CD with 10 tracks of new music and a much rougher concept to contrast with what was his first CD, Rebellion Of Angels ; in this year the CD is promoted with live shows throughout Colombia, accompanying the tour of the Irish band Abbadon Incarnate and in August, this material is promoted in New Jersey and Florida at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival 2011 .

    Eshtadur - Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me (2013)

    Eshtadur - Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me (2013)

    On 2012 Eshtadur participates in the call of the Telonero de Dimmu Borgir en Colombia, achieving a good result occupying a third place in this, among about 30 Colombian bands registered at the national; after this the band is invited to participate in the Soulmetalfest de Cajica in Bogotá, leading the cartel between bands like Masacre and Under Threat.

    On July the band Eshtadur travels to Peru, to make two concerts in the city of Lima, one of the concerts sharing the stage with the Polish band VADER, on July 5, and on the 6th of July with some local bands. Back in Colombia they contribute their important presentation at Convivencia Rock 2012 de Pereira, sharing the stage with international bands such as Whiplash and Colombian bands like La Pestilencia , Ingrand , Twilight Glimmer and Sagros.

    Then they release their video clip on the web called Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me, title that also names the next album that would come in mid 2013, Eshtadur this year also plays alongside the English band Cradle Of Filth , sharing the stage with the Colombian band Tenebrarum from the city of Medellín.

    Victor Valencia (bajista), Bang(bajista), Twilight Glimmer(bajista).
    Jorg August (Voz, Guitarra).

    Letra y video de Another Alien Messiah
    Letra y video de Beyond The Shadows
    Letra y video de Burning Heart
    Letra y video de Mas Alla De Las Sombras
    Letra y video de Romances In Black
    Letra y video de Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me
    Letra y video de Take Me To The Morgue
    Letra y video de The Girl Who Hated A Priest
    Letra y video de The Ventriloquist


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