Blasfemia, Black Metal, Medellín.

Ramon Reinaldo Restrepo (vocalista), Ramon(vocalista), Restos De Tragedia( Vocalista, Bajista), ex-Agressor(vocalista), ex-Parabellum(vocalista), ex-Imri(vocalista)
John William Castro (bajista), Ramon(bajista), ex-Athanator(baterista), ex-Requiem(baterista), ex-Skullcrusher(baterista)
Martin David Naranjo (baterista), Mordaz(Vocalista, Baterista), Putrefaccion(baterista), Ramon(baterista), Reencarnacion(baterista).
Jorge Tamayo (guitarrista).
Actualizada a las 22 horas del 25 de febrero de 2017. Blasfemia se encuentra activa actualmente. Sello discografico: Independiente.
Corría el año de 1986, una vez la banda Parabellum se desintegró, dos de sus miembros, Ramon Reinaldo Restrepo (vocalista) y Jhon Jairo Martinez (guitarrista) formaron Blasfemia.

La imagen emblemática de esta banda de metal colombiana es la de un harlequin o bufón de la corte; un humanoide en la estaca incinerando especulaciones y contradicciones para renacer de sus propias cenizas como el hombre auténtico.

Jhon Jairo Martínez fue asesinado años después.

Notoriously nondescript, early Columbian black/death metal was as much an acquired taste for even the most seasoned death metaller. Unfortunately, Blasfemia's "Guerra Total" happen to fall at even the worse ends with a torrential wall of mangled noise that reverberates sickly from the strings like a vomit fuzz noise, anticipating eagerly for you to say, "enough is enough"! So the wicked trio of Jhon, Luis and Ramon manage to come out with some really god forsaken piece of extremity, horrible to the core and quite unintelligible blackened metal of depravity and they must have convinced some nutcase of a maniac to put it on vinyl. But if you breathed the ethos of the underground, then the more forgiving maniac will kill themselves in the name of cult. With a sound that "goes to 11", crazy on feedback and bestially bestowed to curse "Christ Death", the grave stench of Blasfemia perpetuate and rape every senses and orifices, having thankfully just four tracks on this really cheaply manufactured piece of wax.. If this would have been a full length, man I cannot even imagine. "Lado Guerra" starts with a wretched wreckage of opener "Presagio", expounding the breadth of hell to unimaginable evil, torturing their instruments into a black mass ritualistic fucked up noise of cruel chantings and drunken poundings. It would have been two more years to hear a band like Svaty Vincent doing these shits on their full length (yes, full length!), and later on that self proclaimed "audial essence of evil" Abruptum . Face it, Blasfemia had been there and done that. The other "proper" tracks like "Guerra Total", and on "Lado Total", "Postmortem" and "Mas alla de la Ignorancia" are the same nonsense, just spiced up with more variations and speed. It would have been tempting to compare them with Parabellum, Astaroth or Reencarnacion but neither of these musicians have crossed that far into such unspeakable lunacy. For that matter, hands down to Blasfemia... you'll always be remembered.

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