Maleficarum, Bandas de Black Metal de Medellin

Maleficarum, Imagenes de Bandas de Metal & Rock Colombianas[editar]

Maleficarum was formed at the twilight of 1989 and the aurora of 1990, when Maleficiere te deum left the empire of Tenebrarum. The reason to forged this ironforce was to desecrate christian..s lambs, and all holy and weak. The first Sacrifice was done selfnamed Maleficarum, total evil and antichristian Bloodlust, in tormented Doom. The Dust Of The Real Path drives to a Kingdom Of Darkness where the Nocturnal Whispers shows how feeble is the christian..s faith and The Unholy Falldown Of Christianism,... In Worship To Satan give the power to Ashbel, the light of darkness, who enforce to Almigthy Emperor and show the weakness of The Bastard Mesiah ,then At The Gates Of His Kingdom, in an Ode To Death lets the dust and time forget the words of the nazarene in an eternal Cry Of Anguish. And The Black Flame Burns Once Again in honor to satan, Beyound The Mist At Dawn In A Magnum Bellum declarate the Revelation Of The Holy Lie and keep it alive against the sacred wore. The only warriors who continue alive in this endless battle are: Maleficiere te deum, Mannithou, Mantus. The rest, rest in hell.
Video de la banda colombiana Maleficarum.