Novilunion, Atmospheric Death Metal de Bogota

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Novilunion se encuentra activa actualmente. Sello discografico: Independiente.

The grouping was founded on November 17, 1997 in Bogota by Eduardo Botero (vocals), Jorge Eliécer Rojas (Bass player), Jairo Andres Rojas (Drumm) and Luis Eduardo Vanegas (Guitarist). In January 2003 arrives Rene Cortes to interpret another Guitar being the current alignment of the band. Over the past few years the band has composed several issues and currently is working on other compositions, all own and with a sound different in each one, which is the Basic idea of the band: Having had several names, it was decided by NOVILUNION, which in astronomical terms means "new moon", which identifies fully with the purposes of the fundamental ideological. NOVILUNION this cataloged within the Dark Death Metal, although this more focused mix harmoniously different elements of different genres of metal, such as heavy, trash, death, black, dark, atmosferic and doom, without being confined within a single genre or rate. While at the side of those impulses 20 or 30 years ago, then, were those old rock musicians who gave birth to this current so-called Heavy Metal or Heavy Metal. Thoughts Through an alignment NOVILUNION looking for a classic style-oriented new century, new thoughts, to the new era in which our planet passes NOVILUNION's philosophy is embodied in the moon, natural satellite of the earth which is a silent witness of our evolution on this planet, life and transcendence of human beings after death and the infinite universe that surrounds us. Trajectory 1999 Sptember On the night of July Trial Divine Bar Kapital November Halloween Bar 2000 February Halloween Bar February Revelation Salon communal Tibabuyes March 1st Festival Bands Halloween Halloween Bar September Concert necrophilia Espinal-Tolima 2001 January. The Band Decides To Integrate As Another Guitarist David Gomez and record a demo, Study In Rec, with the advice of Cabetas. With 5 unreleased tracks To Apply For The Eliminatorias to Festival Rock al Parque. May Sodom Bar August Festival His Hidden From av 1a de Mayo Bogota Colombia November Festival. Rock al Parque 2k1 2002 February Arise Bar March starts Recording Album debout Brisa From Venus In Studios Yktuz recods 2003 January, David Gomez leaves the banda, and enters to replace Rene Cortes This being the Actual alignment May invitation of TV Show Mucha Musica From Citytv, in Section El Toque June 3 necrophilia metal fest Espinal-Tolima June radio interview Inravision the end of time and in U.N. Radio program Psychosis July Concert Bar Arise November 1st Launch Disk Brisa From Venus In Nexus Metal Bar December Concert Valhalla Bar Alamos 2004 May Laws To Destroy Parasomja Bar September Festival bands Bucaramanga December 1st "Sabbath" Metal Fest Krig Bar 2005 March Concert Heaven Bar Soacha October Concert Old House Bar Participation in Compiled Extreme Magazine With The Best Of Bands National Moment The Issue With LAMENTAR DE LA LUNA 2006 March-April were burning Starts Second Labour Call Rites Of unconscious. In studies Master Machine May Festival Made In Iron Rock Chinauta Cundinamarca September interview at the U.N. And Radio Psychosis In Dyna Radio October Official Launch Of Simple Rites Of unconscious In Rockabilia Bar November Festival Of Rock And Metal In Bbar In Bogota Compilatori Magazine Extreme With The Best Of Bands National Moment With The Theme Náufrago del Cosmos Compilatori 100% Colombian National Bands With The Best Of The Moment With Theme Náufrago del Cosmos 2007 February Concert Hammer Bar May Participation compilation of the magazine Metal Head July Participation in the Digest Metal 100% Colombian 2008 April Concert Metalun - National University May Rockabilia Bar - Support to Launch Album Of Violence Infernal sursum Corda Salon Communal Catalina Kennedy - Metal Far From Festival Line Up Eduardo Botero Vocals Eduardo Vanegas Guitar Rene Cortes Guitar Jorge Rojas Bass Jairo Rojas Drumm
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