Suppuration, Brutal Death Metal, Bogota.

Colombia Abomination Death Fest Presenta en Bogota.
Beto Drunks Martinez (Bateria, Voz (como Dying Betus)), integrante de Betray The Kidnapper(bateria), ex-integrante de Amputated Genitals(bateria), ex-integrante de My Plague( Bateria), ex-integrante de Purulent(bateria).
Nelson Zapata (bajo), integrante de Extremely Rotten(bajo), ex-integrante de Amputated Genitals(bajo).
Julian Suarez (Guitarra, Voz), ex-integrante de Amputated Genitals(bajo), ex-integrante de My Plague(bajo).

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Devouring Your Prayers (2015)

Suppuration started in 1997 playing Death/Gore in the traditional style releasing a demo called Suppuration, just like the band would be called later. After this, Suppuration wanted to do something more brutal and heavier and we started to write something stronger and heavier so we decided to play more grind-gore. In 2000 the band started to get in touch with bands that were more popular than they were of the country (Colombia) and with festivals with brutal Death metal. In 2001we released a split called Noisy Funny Shit . We recorded 3 songs that was very brutal at the time. In 2005 we released the debut of the band called Pain and Suffering with the European label called Mutilated Records
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