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Sorceress Bitch (2002)

WITCHTRAP was formed in Medellín in early 90's by the brothers WITCHHAMMER (Drums) & RIPPER (guitars and Vocals). Both were former members of a death metal band, called DARK MILLENNIUM. Their decision of leaving what they were doing at that moment, and change their musical direction came because of their music influences; 80's heavy and thrash metal bands marked their way. The band continued with just guitars, vocals and drums and without recordings until 1997. In this year, their first demo "The First Necromancy" w as released, recorded with rehearsal sound and without bass session. The next year, another demo “Turn In Your Graves” was recorded in the same circumstances, but this one was never released because of economical problems.

The First Necromancy - Turn in Your Graves

Few time after releasing the demo “The First Necromancy”, a compilation of local bands “To Meet The Storm” featured the band song “Metal Mania”, which was the most outstanding one, even it had rehearsal sound.

In the year 2000, WITCHTRAP was contacted by the label "Malignant Prod." from Cali – Colombia. With them, the "Witching Metal" Mlp was released in vinyl version, on one limited edition of 500 copies. At this time, a new member had entered the band, and so "DARKMOON" recorded the bass sessions.

In 2001, another label, "Hell Attacks Prod." also from Cali, singed up with WITCHTRAP to release the "Sorceress Bitch" album on CD version, the next year. In late 2002 Darkmoon was fired of the band, and few time after a new bass player, Edison "Enforcer" got to the band, who fixed very well in the band by his musical level and influences.


In 2004, a South American compilation called "Ataque demoniáco Vol. 1." under the label “Dark Desires Prod.” featured the track "Desecration Of Evil" appearing in the "Turn In Your Graves" demo (above mentioned). In the same year, the French label “Ordealis Records” licensed the “Sorceress Bitch” album from “Hell Attacks Prod”, releasing it on vinyl version.

In 2005, the band members found their own label, called “Dirty Sound Records”, with which they hope to manage their own releases, exploit their talent and avoid misunderstandings with other labels, in order to obtain the desired quality of all what is related to the band productions. First of all, “Dirty Sound Records” have bought the copyrights of the WITCHTRAP “Witching Metal” Mlp from its original co-owners “Malignant Prod” and “NNYDA”; this way “Witching Metal” has been re-released on CD version, featuring an excellent layout and sound quality. In addition, the North American label “Utterly Somber Creations” licensed the “Sorceress Bitch” album from “Hell Attacks Prod”, releasing it on Picture Disc and including the storming and outstanding bonus track “Metal Mania” (courtesy of Dirty Sound Records), now with professional sound.

Witching Metal - Sorceress Bitch
Also, the Japanese label Obliteration Rec. contacted the band to release their 2 demo tapes on CD version, featuring the song that appears in the “To Meet The Storm” compilation called “Metal Mania” for a total of 22 songs. This re-release was out on November 1 2005, and was pretty useful to promote Witchtrap more in the underground metal world.

But, things haven’t stopped in 2006. The German label “Death Strike Rec.” decides to feature the band in its compilation “BLITZKRIEG” 2, which is pretty known in the underground metal, in 7” split four way vinyl format. The featured song this time is “The Maniac”, taken from the first professional release of Witchtrap.

The First Necromancy CD - “BLITZKRIEG” 2
By July 2006, Witchtrap releases its new CD “No Anesthesia” which mix, mastering and production processes took about 6 months. The sound and layout results left the band members pretty satisfied. “No Anesthesia” is released under the label “Dirty Sound Records” as well, and up to now the demand of this new album is really promising.

By now, the band is working on new projects to keep its productive continuity. Up to now, WITCHTRAP have not been outside Colombia, even it's clear the disposition and the energy that could be loosed by the band in such opportunity.

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