Ancient Necropsy - 'Deformed Kings Mummification' (2004) |Discos de Bandas Colombianas

Ancient Necropsy - Deformed Kings Mummification (2004) |(Discos de Metal y Rock) Agrupaciones Colombianas

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Ancient Necropsy Bandas Colombianas
Ancient Necropsy - 'Deformed Kings Mummification' (2004) Sello discografico 'Goregiastic Records'|Discos de Bandas de Metal & Rock Colombianas.
1.Intro: To Kneel In Front Of Your Majesty 00:19
2.Deformed Kings Mummification (the War Has Begun) 02:40
3.Putrid Aromatherapy (traumatic Feelings Of The Widow Queen) 03:29
4.The Sand Storm Attack 02:11
5.Profaning The Temple Of Bones 03:35
6.Immolation In The Name Of The Kings 03:12
7.Trapped At The Castle Of Torture 03:22
8.Infernal Bloody Chapter 01:12
9.Invoking The Brutal Death Grind Throne 03:40
10.Bend The Head Because You Will Be Beheaded 03:00
11.My Apocalyptic Domains 04:23
Iv Ancient (Todo (como Ivan))
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