Energema - 'Eternal War' (2018) |Discos de Bandas Colombianas

Energema - Eternal War (2018) |(Discos de Metal y Rock) Agrupaciones Colombianas

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Energema Bandas Colombianas
Energema - 'Eternal War' (2018) Sello discografico 'Metalism Records'|Discos de Bandas de Metal & Rock Colombianas.
1.Calling The Heroes (overture) 01:22
2.Sands Of Time 03:36
3.Eternal War 04:02
4.Wings Of The Wind 04:51
5.The Mystery Of The Seven Princes 01:07
6.The Golden Eagle 04:25
7.The Circle Of Fire 05:17
8.Persida And The Red Dragon 05:09
9. The King Of Glory 05:32
10. The Hidden Book
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