Frozen Darkness 'The Beginning' 2008|Discos de Black Metal

Frozen Darkness - The Beginning (2008) |(Discos de Black Metal) Grupos de Black Metal

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Frozen Darkness(Popayán)Portadas de Discos de Black Metal
Frozen Darkness - 'The Beginning' (2008) Sellos Discograficos de Black Metal: 'Morbillius Records'|Discos de Black Metal
1. Intro / Rebirth
2. In the Cold Winds of the North
3. Dead Orchids
4. Black Hearts
5. Rising from Hell (Interlude)
6. The Beginning
7. Blood of Wine
8. Outro / Fading Flame
9. Solitary Reflections of Hate (Acoustic Track

The Beginning es un trabajo discografico de la banda colombiana Frozen Darkness, y producido por el sello discografico boliviano Morbillius Records.
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