Hidden Path 'Time Will Tell' 2008|Discos de Progressive Power Metal

Hidden Path - Time Will Tell (2008) | Bandas de Progressive Power Metal

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Hidden Path - 'Time Will Tell' (2008) Sello Discografico: 'Independiente'|Discos de Progressive Power Metal
1.Time Will Tell 03:48
2.A Cure For Hopelessness 04:15
3.Alien To Myself 04:54
4.Enjoy Your Own Pain 04:39
5.No More Illusions 03:52
6.To Make Ourselves Be Heard 04:53
7.Coalition Of Purposes 04:24
8.Trapped In A Constant Contradiction 06:46
9.Look At What The Cat Dragged In 05:07
10.Never Be The Same Again 04:13
11.Galactic Frecuency 03:37
12.A Scar That Will Never Heal 03:36
Daniel Realpe (Todos Los Instrumentos)
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