Threshold End - 'In The Jaws Of Curse' (2015) |Discos de Bandas Colombianas

Threshold End - In The Jaws Of Curse (2015) |(Disco, Album) Agrupaciones Colombianas

Threshold End Bandas Colombianas
Threshold End - 'In The Jaws Of Curse' (2015) Sello discografico 'Godeater Records'|Discos de Bandas de Metal & Rock Colombianas.
1. Apocalypse is Now
2. Mourning Incarnated
3. Destruction Truth
4. Horror, Dreams and Sorrow
5. Predator Prey
6. Swap Meat
7. Burning Inside the Flesh
8. Viral Digital Possession
9. Nuclear Annihilation (Hyun)
10. The Embrace of the Shroud
11. Marching in the Deaths Empire
12. The Lurker at the Threshold

El ltimo trabajo de estudio de la banda Threshold End lanzado en el ao 2015, bajo el sello discogrfico Goeater Records.
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