Under Threat 'Behind Mankinds Disguise' 2003|Discos de Progressive Death Metal

Under Threat - Behind Mankinds Disguise (2003) |(Discos de Progressive Death Metal) Grupos de Progressive Death Metal

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Under Threat - 'Behind Mankinds Disguise' (2003) Sellos Discograficos de Progressive Death Metal: 'Conquest Music'|Discos de Progressive Death Metal
1. Blame Game Trap
2. Face of Emptiness
3. Under Threat
4. Serpents Lick
5. Ghost and the Machine
6. Desperate Humans Path
7. Behind Mankinds Disguise
8. End of Grace (instrumental)
9. Infestation
10. Gates of Deception
11. The Warning
12. Mirrors of Dejection
Alejandro Rojas (Bateria)
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