Amentis, Black Metal, Tulua.

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Amentis, Bandas de Black Metal de Tulua.

Amentis was formed in the cursed year of 1992 by el Pagano on guitars and drums and Rama Seca on voices and laments. After rehearsing for a long period of time el Pagano dies in a motorcicle accident and the band stops for a while for external problems. After solving some inconveniences Black Terror join on drums and Amentis returns to the battle again continuous with their satirical melancholy. Later two brothers join the band, Silva on guitars and Robin on bass. This line-up stays for a stable period of time in which is possible to compose several tracks and carried out several rehearsals. For the 2003, 4 tracks are recorded in Tulua city (live) and then for the beginnings of the 2004 Silva and Robin leave the band. Little time later two old and dark brothers of blood join the band, Infernal Moon on bass and Moloch on guitars. With this line-up Amentis composes new tracks and plays in several cities of the country. For half-filled of the 2004 the band records 2 tracks in Forest Studio "Funeral Satanico" and "Sagrada Enfermedad" for a promo advance like sample to its first production. Several months join to the band Ancient Rebellion on the second guitar. So far the current line-up of Amentis is: Rama on voices and laments, Moloch and Ancient Rebellion on guitars, Infernal Moon on bass and Black Terror on drums. Amentis is awaiting to their first promo advance for half-filled of the 2007 with a better production and with a sound more raw and damned.