Amputated Genitals, Death Metal, Bogotá.

Daniel Paz (Guitarra, Bajo), Kinguts(bajista), Holy Shit Bse(Vocalista (como Vulgarism Flatulence)), ex-Carnivore Diprosopus(guitarrista), ex-Ethereal(bajista), ex-Purulent(Bajista, Vocalista).
Actualizada a las 12 horas del 23 de marzo de 2018. Amputated Genitals se encuentra activa actualmente. Sello discografico: Gore And Blood Productions.
This brutal death band from Colombian created by exmembers of PURULENT, Daniel Paz, Sebastian Guarin and beto 'drunks' fto continues in the same vein and brutality, fast and extreme death grind. They decided record a new CD called Human Meat Gluttony TRACK LIST: Garavito attacks again Indigested with human heads Vaginal skin grind vomit Geriatric blood storm Charred neiborhood Rites of brutality Chessman red monday Elias bullets and brain


Un dia como hoy nace: Jorge Burbano (1973-01-19) guitarrista de la banda Jorge Burbano

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