Angelcorpus, Gothic Metal, Cali.

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Angelcorpus, Bandas de Gothic Metal de Cali.

Angelcorpus was formed in Cali curiously at oct 31 2001 for Marius, Marcus and Diana.

In the early times , the band work like a trio with the name of 'Angelblood' that became to realize a interesting and original music style influenced by darkwave, symphonic and heavy sounds.

At 2003 the band recorded its first 4 tracks promo-demo called 'Crystal Flowers' very acknowledged beetwen southamerican gothic rock fans.

The band has performanced several shows and issues since its creation and his sounds is consolited in the underground scene in South America.

Later in 2004, Angelcorpus goes more with a symphonic & orchestal proposal along several voices variation from classic to rock styles, atmospheric keyboards harmonies , and a vital effort to translate high emotions within a gloomy color world into sounds and melodies as beatiful as silence.