Anger Rise, Hard Rock, Bogotá.

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Anger Rise, Bandas de Hard Rock de Bogotá.

ANGER RISE was formed in 2004 by Germanvs Strenvvs(Guitars, vocals) and Olbers Giraldo (Drums) under the name of 'SNAKE BONEHEAD'.

For 4 years they have sought out a loud sound that came to collect the purest rock trends of the 70s and 90's.

In 2008, Olbers left the band for professional affairs and Ce zar Garcia took his place on the drums in 2009 and the band took the name 'ANGER RISE' and they began to pick up some songs done in the early times of the band like 'Mortality', 'No flowers on your grave', 'Blood n´Honour' and 'Time to die'.

In june 2010 Cezar (Drums) left the band for left to pursue personal metal project and Andrés 'Killdrum' Orrego took his place on the drums. In September ANGER RISE Toto Pérez was introduced as guitarist to give greater weight to its sound. Actually ANGER RISE is recording his first EP, with songs like 'Chains of Anger' and 'Bleed till´dead'.