Balrog, Melodic Death Metal, Bogota.

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Balrog, Bandas de Melodic Death Metal de Bogota.

Like the warriors of the ancient world, BalroG was arise from an old friendship, in 11th april of 2008, BalroG takes form in Bogota Colombia with his instruments and his own voice like the only weapon.

BalroG takes the strenght of the guitars, the massive turbulance on the drums, the speed on the bass and the power on his voice and starts a new journey.

it's sound is a call to the old gods of metal, taking the power of the loud sound of the death metal but without let behind the glorious armony, that gives to balrog an unique sound.
On 13th september of 2008 BalroG began his battle, taking force with their followers that supports the band until the end.

The way is long but with the force of metal of our side we can show the world how huge that is our family.

Long life to metal.

Un dia como hoy nace: Santiago De Los Rios (guitarristas, 1980-09-15) de la banda The Scum