Cercenated, Death Metal, Sogamoso.

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Cercenated, Bandas de Death Metal de Sogamoso.
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  • His beginnings as a band bear fruit in April 2010 in the city of Tunja (Boyacá). The proposal was first made by Javier Martinez (guitar ex SECONDEATH) and Cesar Ardila (Maleficarum-Manitou) (drums). The band was routed through the paths of classic Death Metal influenced by Swedish band 'Dismember'. In the month of May comes the ranks in July Galvez (guitar), baptized with the name Cercenated.
    The tests did not expect, and increasingly we compacting the proposal to carry people and death to rescue the forgotten classic, covers as executethemall (unleashed) casketgarden (dismember) were the first to be played as such. There was an obvious lack of vocals, since they had their voices was Javier Martinez, the need arose to find a vocalist and bassist.
    In June joins the ranks Andres Felipe Otero (vocals and bass), who was first vocalist of the band Kindom Of Blood, Fortunio to find a vocalist to play under the same time was so hill training the band. It started out being all covers Dismember, Deicide Benedicition and therefore the voice gave a significant enhancement to the band.
    Things were overshadowing in August out of Cesar Ardila (drums), destabilizes the direction of the band, their independent work was not given time to continue Cercenated, which the drummer need was immediate and José Andrés timely call Miguel Manrique, who was also a drummer Kindom of Blood and the beginning of Socavon.
    On November 14, 2010 CERECANTED makes an appearance playing alongside the legendary band and major WICHTRAP national bands like BLOOD TIDE, NONSENSE PREMONITION, Sobibor.
    At 2011 CERCENATED already had in mind to record their first demo, JULIO GALVEZ unfortunate things, leaves the band in late March, starting in July made us all think if the recording is pos-put. Two weeks later we decided to record what is now called 'AT BIGINING OF WAR', the demo was recorded in the city of Tunja in FULL MUSIC (audio studio). For members: Andrés Otero, Javier Martinez and Miguel Manrique. The recording contains 4 tracks from the band entitled: Walkingwiththeserpents, Cranius and bones, Between Day and night, burns Colombia.
    End of April to enter the ranks of CERCENATED Willy who is also guitarist for the band Niggurath. A new air takes the band to the entry of Willy with the arrival of the things were becoming more brutal by their personality and decision when to be in this project. The songs have identity and strength and increasingly CERCENATED takes shape and position within the national metal.

Santiago Martinez Cely (bajista).

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