Dementor, Thrash Metal, Cali.

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Dementor, Bandas de Thrash Metal de Cali.
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  • DEMENTOR born in 2005, possessed by the Speed and Rotten thrash of the 80’s. In hands of 5 drunk dudes, smoking many… many weed and playing thrash metal until they arms, fingers and mind explode of madness with this hateful sound… after a few concerts in our local city, the band reduces in number to 3; 'Profanor' (Bass/Vocal), 'Manthor' (Guitars) & 'Holocaust' (Drums)… but no in sickness and energy,besides all this shit help us to intensify the rage and forge more the metal that we were trying to vomit. In the next months we go to play in others Colombian cities like Pereira, Popayan, Pasto, Ipiales and Manizales…

    2007... The arrival of a new weapon 'Darktrilldoom' (Guitars/Background vocals) to the line up... New Riffs & lyrics invades our heads and we decide to start the recording of our first DemoTape called 'Asalto Infernal'(Infernal Assault), This contains 6 tracks; 5 ours and 1 Destruction cover...!!This disgusting work was a limited edition of 300 copies and was spit to the public at middles of this year, also we reach to spread this disease in a few countries of south america, some cities in U.S. and Europe...thanks to all the bunch of bastards that help us with this tape and his production.

    2008 Now DEMENTOR was ready to spread his putrid sound over the world and try to record his first official Album with MORBID KULT RECS. Called “EVIL TWISTED MINDS” But ‘cause financial troubles we can’t complete the recording of this….besides, the vocal Profanor leave the continent for labour issues and the band reduces again, now Darktrilldoom take the lead and begun to scream and play the bass…

    2009 At this moment we are completing the Album and we hope to have the sooner possible this rotten piece of shit for all the maniacs that has support this fucking project… another thing Darktrilldoom has left the band...another casualty fall on the fields of rot!! But life goes on and New Enforces arrives to bring more Illness and Speed to the band !!MALFAS(GUITAR) & DARK TYR (BASS).

    DEMENTOR spit all the fashions, gossip mongers, mediocre metal posers, waste of blood, flesh & brains.

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