Dissektor, Death Metal, Medellin.

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Dissektor was formed in the year 2001 by larry quintana (voices) and alex jaramillo (guitars),Band born in the middle of a strong violence lived in medellin-colombia Where many friends and nearby they died and for more reasons the band Disintegrated.
In the year 2004 the band returns with a new formation doing presentations undergrounds, but this formation do not last a lot of time.
It was clear that their musical direction would lie in thrash death metal!
The music can be described as rythmic, agressive & fast in the vein of thrash death Metal of early 90īs. The lyrics are about ocultism, violence, sex as well
as personal views in an extreme and provocative way.
Then in 2007 dissektor it obtains a more solid formation and they Manage to record 6 tracks in professional studio that does part of his Firstly production called "supremacy"Recordings for the new full length "ritual" started at december 2009. In march 2010 is released "thrash death fucking metal" promo with 3 songs from the last album "ritual"


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