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Soulburner, Death Metal, Bogota.

Activa, Label: Soulburner

Soulburner, Bandas de Death Metal de Bogota.
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    Soulburner is a band that was created in 1998 under the name of Ritual , by Ricardo González and Bernardo García . The first live appearance of this band was at the end of 1998 in Bogotá, next to the bands Leishmaniasis, Neurosis and Gore Insanity.

    After a good amount of presentations and with the necessary musical experience, they decided to record some songs like the band Ritual , among which are: Forgotten Genocide and Vanity , with the seeking to reach specialized metal radio stations.

    The following year they would record a new song titled Demons Curse , with no intention of recording a demo yet. Compilation that would appear next to the Colombian band Neurosis on a Split-CD called Pure Sick Metal.

    In 2000, this group is renewed when Alejandro Rojas (musician who had previously been part from bands like Under Threat and Leishmaniasis ), giving a new sound to this one, and that at that time decided together to modify what was its current name Ritual , by one that fit the new direction of the band.

    Soulburner's Life Denied from his album The New Age Of Darkness of 2006.

    Months later, the band competes in the Halloween Rock 2000 Band Festival , occupying the first place among 20 metal bands from Bogotá.

    At the end of the same year Soulburner entered the studio to record what would be his debut album titled: Hellfire , with nine tracks at the Sirio Producciones studio. , having as a sound engineer Fredy Torres and Carlos Franco.

    Due to technical complications the album had to be re-recorded, and delayed for another year, moment in which the band would give a tour in Cali and Tunja to promote it.

    Soulburner: Within the Most Important Colombian Death Metal Bands

    Hellfire would receive good reviews from specialized press located in the United States , Germany, Thailand, Chile and Romania . And their songs would have the great privilege of playing on radio alongside songs by Vital Remains, Origin, Nile, Krisiun and Suffocation.

    Soulburner has appeared on national compilations such as: Colombia With Hate and also international compilations ( Meathead Records, Canada ).

    By mid-2003, Soulburner would begin the process of composing their second album, record material that would mark the full evolution of their sound and concept. Showing his audience, a band that had grown over the years, heavier and much more elaborate than what had been seen on their first album.

    In 2004 the band underwent changes in their lineup, delaying their work for several months. Back then the band was made up of Bernardo García (guitar), Sergio Ramos (vocals, ex Cancerbero ), Sander Bermudez (drums - Ethereal ) and Ricardo González (bass). His promo CD titled Life Denied would be out later this year, including live material from one of his performances in the city of Bucaramanga.

    For the middle of 2006 his work goes on sale: The New Age Of Darkness , a second album. Thanks to its participation in The most important free Festival in Latin America: Rock al Parque , Soulburner raised the expectations of death metal lovers in Colombia showing its material.

    Soulburner album The Throne Of Armageddon in 2016

    In 2007 he returns to the batteries of this group Alejandro Rojas and the vocals are in charge of Diego Melo (ex Neurosis ). In 2008 Soulburner prepares what would be his third album, a product of his musical experience, working on a much more technical and well-crafted product.

    Throughout his career, the Colombian band Soulburner has shared the stage with prestigious bands at metal concerts, some of the international bands that have played alongside Soulburner are: Vital Remains, Destruction, Inquisition, Amon Amarth, Sinister, Mayhem, Immortal, Coroner Dark Funeral, and Rhapsody, among others.

    In the same way, the band Soulburner has been to dozens of major metal concerts and festivals in various cities, including the Rock al Parque Festival (2000 as Ritual, 2001, 2006 and 2010 as the band Soulburner ), Metalmania 2008 , the True Fest 2009, the Congregation Fest 2009 , among others.

    In the year 2016, the band Soulburner would release their new album, titled The Throne of Armageddon , mixed and produced entirely in Colombia and mastered at Professional Recording Studios in Sweden by Dan Swanö (Bloodbath, Katatonia, among other bands), arousing great interest in the local underground scene and the international metal scene.

    Alejandro Rojas (baterista), Under Threat(baterista), Leishmaniasis(baterista), ex-Neurosis Inc(baterista).


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