Futhark, Black Thrash Metal, Medellín.

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Futhark, Bandas de Black Thrash Metal de Medellín.

The band was created in Medellín as a project at the end of
February of 2002 under the name of 'Střrmblast', our main
lyrical structure are Celtic, Viking and pagan mythologies with
a touch of Norse black metal creating a different kind of metal
never done in Colombia, by that time we began with the rehearsals
and creation of hymns following the path of bands such as
Cruachan, Isengard, Bathory, Manowar, Ragnarok (UK), Dimmu
Borgir (For All Tid, Střrmblast), Burzum, Storm and some other...
the name Střrmblast was changed to Futhark, because of some
other bands using that name.

After some demo recordings, promotional gigs and many line-up
changes, Futhark took a new horizon and left the folk vein in
which the project begins…
We kept the spirit of paganism and diversity in musical composition,
but in our songs you will find now less of folk structures, more
aggressive guitar riffs and drumming, and bright bass guitar lines
very clear, more variety of influences and rhythms which made
sometimes hard to label the band in a proper style between one
song and another.

New compositions made part of the new own labeled style heathen
metal and the idea of a forthcoming debut CD kept clear in mind.
We began the recording though to be issued at fall of 2004 after the
release of the maxi CD Řrlög, but sadly for the band almost all the
recorded tracks were damaged in an accident… reason why not
Řrlög, nor For the glory of Vinland Debut CD could have seen the
light yet; of this recording we only kept 3 songs, the same songs
we’re using in our promo CD-R Futhark plus some live session
tracks, recorded to be part of some compilation CD-R in our country.

More promotional shows and new plans in the band coming…
Futhark get a place in line to play live in a festival called Metal
Medallo 2007 in Medellín, but sadly we must change again our
line-up, so a session vocal lead the band by this time and once
more by some mockery of destiny we couldn’t be able to play in
Metal Medallo 2007; our show had to be postponed 3 times,
until Metal Medallo 2008 first show in June 28 unveiling a curtain
of expectation, generating good comments between the public
who’s waiting for a long time a bigger show of the band.

With the new acceptance in this show, Futhark re-direct their
energies for the long waited issue of the Řrlög Maxi CD and the
recording of the new material for a next CD, hopefully it will be
recorded soon with the voice of the new official vocal of the band.…
We will keep you up to date.

Our purpose is to form and maintain a band that can be known in
the world, show that the ancient pagan wisdom is universal without
refusing our multiracial colombian roots. Make stronger our pagan
scene and try to unite the small circle of folk fans in our land by our music.


Through this years Futhark played live to different kind of people
and share with bands of different musical styles and ideologies,
which doesn’t mean in any form that the band is changing again, we
respect the way of thinking and the musical styles they play, it
doesn’t matter if its rock, punk or metal, we just performed our
show were we are welcome to play.

1-September 14th of 2002 at “Antagon bar” in Girardota
Antioquia with the bands Martyr (Death Metal), The Army
Pentagram (Black Metal) and Lagash (Black Metal).

2-October 18th of 2003, Festival de Rock at “Placa deportiva
Urbanización la Nubia” in Medellín, with some rock and neo-punk

3-November 14th of 2004, 3a Noche de Folclor Celta y Vikingo at
“Valhala bar” in Medellín.

4-September 17th of 2005, live show at Medieval Wars in Medellín.

5-January 6th of 2006, we receive an invitation to play with
Orgullo Nacional (RAC) and Última Advertencia (RAC) at
“Vancouver bar” in Medellín.

6- September 30th of 2006, we receive an invitation to play with
Hvetramannaland (RAC) at Gato Negro in Bello.

7-June 28th of 2008, Metal Medallo at “Teatro Porfirio Barba
Jacob” with the bands Los Restos (Hardcore Thrash Metal),
Posguerra (Hardcore Thrash Metal) and the legendary band

8-December 13th of 2008, II Encuentro de culturas Urbanas comuna
16-Belén at Parque Biblioteca de Belén with the bands Futhark
(Heathen Metal), Casi Nada (Punk/Hard Core), Horde Thor (Folk Metal)
and other bands of Reggae and Hip Hop.

9-July 4th of 2009, Bloody Hordes of Darkness at Teatro La Polilla in Medellín
with the bands Mysteriis (Medieval Black Metal) and Nĺströnd (Pagan Black Metal)