Legacy, Speed/thrash Metal, Medellin.

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Legacy, Bandas de Speed/thrash Metal de Medellin.
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  • Legacy is a band that does part of the new generation of metal bands from Medellin; they try to rescue the sound of the true metal so much been lost at present. Legacy was born at ends of the 2004 with the idea of David Restrepo (rhythmic guitar) and Camilo Montoya (lead guitar) to mount a band of different Heavy metal with international projection. They contact to Yeison Orozco (Drums) and Start to work at the project still looking for a vocalist, but when they do not find someone with the profile required, Camilo Montoya decides to sing. Later they release the demo rehearsal “Speed Destroy”, for motives of low financial resources, it had a poor distribution. at the 2005 for personal motives David Restrepo decides leave the band, later at 2006 they release the first official Demo "Ready for the combat" contains five songs of total Raw Speed Metal, defining the sound of the Band. Later they add three more productions to the Band Discography: “Crossfire” Single in the 2007, Iron Gangfighters are Ready for the Combat” Split and “Violent Thrashing Noise” Split at the 2008. At present they are working at the first professional CD Calling “Metallic Assault”

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