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Unbretheable Athmosphere
Primal ImpulseBrainblast2019
?Unbretheable Atmosphere?

We were born in the epicenter of the fourth age
Where nothing is pure, Where everything is gone

A unbreathable atmosphere to healthy men
times designed to unconscious parasites
from below they are far from the earth and their roots
from above they are far from knowledge and their lights
Dissolution - Quantum practice of destruction
Involution - fertile to degradation

unbreathable atmosphere
to unconscious parasites
Dissolution - involution
Quantum practice of self-destruction

We born in the epicenter
At fourth age at the cycle
Mutation - dysgenesis
Repulsive procreation
subhuman kind arise
The sunset of the gods
Downfall of evolution
Testify the Kali yuga

This is not the end, Just the dark side of the cycle

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