Letra:Away From The Nightmare de 'Darkempire'|Duality, Progressive Metal

Letra y Video de Away From The Nightmare de Darkempire[2020]

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Away From The Nightmare
A lonely tears river brings my soul back
And there"s my scared body on a cold bed
I"m tired of those nightmares that torment my life
And full of vanish dreams from my childhood days

I"m on the edge of the deepest abyss
Watching how I"ve wasted my young life so far
Ephemeral nights with empty partners, I had.
Weeks of vain victories and goals with no sense

Hey! Can you hear me? I am ready to jump
Into the abyss that seems understand my sadness
Who will save me? I want to keep me alive
Because the chill kills my heart and my soul scary shakes

I stop and wake up because someone is telling me:
Don"t carry that sadness, anymore.
Just take a step back, away from the abyss
Fly to the present. So, you will not fall.

How long I have to live in a waiting?
Please, show me the inspiration to dream again
Hatred has never touched my soul neither my heart
I"m hoping for the day she will make me waking.

(Hey! Can you...)

I stopped and woke up
As the whisper said it
I left back my sadness ...in my past life.
Now, here I am
Away from the nightmare
Flying on the present. So, I won"t fall.

---Away from the nightmare---

I heard a voice whispering my name
She said: "Awake, you"re not alone anymore"
Because her eyes, heart and soul made me to dream again
Thank you my brother
For teaching me to fight and wait
For the inspiration I have today.

Music & Lyrics Adrian Oleas.

Arturo Duque - Vocals
Jorge Oleas - Guitars
Adrian Oleas - Guitars
Lucho Murillo - Bass
Luis Insuasty - Keyboards
Felipe Ortiz - Drums

Actor: Jhony Javier Sanchez (AKA: Jhonny 5)

Away From The Nightmare
The Art of Persuasion

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