Letra:Cold Golden Grave de 'Darkempire'|Duality, Progressive Metal

Letra y Video de Cold Golden Grave de Darkempire[2020]

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Cold Golden Grave
Suddenly a horn sounds from a car
And it caught my attention
I looked through my window and you were there....
Very arrogant
And you tried, astute to hide your soul
Behind a thick luxury wall
But, its crying breaks through your eyes
I saw the fresh and trembling sign of ropes that keep you
As a slave (x2) ... Into the cold golden grave
The loneliness gave a sigh to you
And it was drowned into your chest
Your crafty mouth destroyed itself
Those dying years and days behind your childhood
They had finally dead and they"re falling in your cold golden grave
But don"t close your door, my friend
Are you scared, once again?
So you"re shooting hate
Like a fool pyromaniac, burning the house but with himself inside
But your crying breaks through your eyes
I saw the fresh and trembling sign of ropes that keep you as a slave, into the cold golden grave!!!
There"s not any noise right now,
I can hear my eyes invoking a dream
No too far there"s a light, smiling to me
Beside my bed: the calendar on February page.
(But don"t close.....)

Lyrics, vocal melodies and music by JORGE OLEAS
Subido en:2019-06-23 07:40:59

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