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Infernal Suffering
Infernal suffering
I see
the suffering
of the world

follow me as the black fire
i feed by the treason

execute them all
with the axe of corruption
the reaper of black hordes
take the world take the control
I walk next to him
I see the destruction
I design the tortures
to the brainless followers of god

Infernal // suffering
Infernal // suffering

Are you ready
i don"t have fear
i want to start
with the dechristianization

thirsty of blood
and the misery souls

Infernal // suffering
Infernal // suffering

Artist: Disillumination
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Colombia/Risaralda/Pereira
Title: Infernal Suffering
Album: Return to fire fields (2018) - All Rights Reserved To Disillumination
Dir: Andrés Estrada
Released Date: 26/08/2018

Death Metal
Line up (2018)
Vocals / Rhythm Guitar Dumah Angel
Lead Guitar Andres Felipe Duque Montoya
Bass David Mejia Soto
Drums Juan Pablo Ospina Muñoz

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