Letra:The Ventriloquist de 'Eshtadur'|Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me, Death, Melodic, Metal, Symphonic

Letra y Video de The Ventriloquist de Eshtadur[2013]

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The Ventriloquist
Tonight is open the curtain of secrets
Ventriloquist act will begin
The rain of orders and too much sin
Weave a dummy ventriloquist`s skin

The master, who always dominated the world
The master, who is going to be out of control,

The master who made as himself the reflex of his evil
A demon who doesn`t live his existence
Wicked slave of a majestic system

The chains that have wounded
His pride his acts his own
The same, who is slovenly,
By the hands of throne
Corrupted by the power of ventriloquist
He decides the future of the underworld

He has never understand a doll
Living in an underworld, coming from beyond
Move your hands, move your mouth, move your mind
He controls the world

Has an old experience, gets the big admirance
He`s the perfect demon, that`s why you can`t stop him
Evil is rising as soon as he handle

It is measure in his plan about the way he turns his lips smiling
Fingers in obscurity make the crime reality and dying
Whispering and screaming
Consequence of his disguise
Even if he`d have a mask and hiding
So you know who he is better think you act,
You`re trying, trying to kill him

He brings life to dummies soul
He gives them voice to beg alone
He really wants to do mine world
He also makes they walk

Lights off in the theater, dummies disappearing
Looking for the people going fast outside
Changing their appearance, being an specimen
Hunting all the humans, it`s the end of world
Take the mystic scepter, for the dummy's specter
Tethered by your arms and cover your sight
Growing up the majesty, incarnated in a human being
Ventriloquist conclude the deal
The curtain`s going down and shows stop

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