Letra:Gluttonous Lust de 'Incinerating Prophecies'|Depravity Incarnate, Brutal Death Metal

Letra y Video de Gluttonous Lust de Incinerating Prophecies[2014]

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Incinerating Prophecies
Gluttonous Lust
Depravity IncarnateIncinerating Prophecies2014
White, skinny and depraved lust
Awakened by perfect pink tits
An astonished look stimulates her pores
And her brain begins to fantasize

Blood, fear in her hands
Dying breath of a damned soul
No conscience, no repentance
Only the torment possesses her being
Infinite voices glutting her hunger
Making her lust turn uncontrollable

The aberration has began
Despairing eyes searching for cunts
Innocent women deceived with the venom in her tongue

Wet clits asking for pleasure
Libido spreading out
Over thighs and tits!
She ain't missing no dicks

Desires out of control
She sits on her slave's cunt
Repressed feelings about to explode
Ripping flesh uniting intestines with cunt

Masturbating, massive massacre
Her fingers attacked by the blood of her women
Those lifeless bodies that saw her stroking herself
With borrowed hand of victim butchered
While she hits the climax with moans
Three cadavers dripping blood and fluids
Gasping upon the bowels filled of cum

Every part of her delicious skin is twisting
Venting the passion and pleasure
The human dildo caresses her softly from the neck to the tits
Getting to taste the mix of multiple sensations impregnated in her delicate fingers

She walks through rivers filled of blood and guts
Getting close to her deformed victims
Kissing some lips while clutching another tits
Takes leave while creeping her hand over her slaves

Her wet and bloody reflection in the mirror
Increase her gluttonous lust

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