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Internal Suffering
Abominable Highlands
Cyclonic Void Of PowerInternal Suffering2016
Cold waste where alternate worlds converge
Abandoned place founded by - Elder things!
Surrounded by impenetrable mountains. . . near Kadath!
Amidst bleak, untrodden sands. . . blackened. . . barrier peaks!

Impassable yet haunted road watched by. . . outside dwellers!
Deepest dreams travel by the Power of. . . the Sign of Koth!
Alternate dimension - Dreamlands northern part. . . outer gateway?
Portals to beyond - things stalk through. . . earthly snows!
Returning to unknown and nameless spheres. . . outer world chaos!
Sphynx-like amulet. . . uncanny soul-symbol of the hidden cult!

Space-time incursion - loathsome highland of Leng!
Supernatural phenomenon. . . vexed souls manifestation!
Projection into a higher territory. . . observable universe!
Outer space whispers. . . cold twilight realm!
Dwellings where the seven cryptical books of earth belong to. . .

HAN - Enshrouded in fog
Descend from the frozen Plateau of Leng!

MNOMQUAH - Released from the Black Lake of Ubboth
Come down and mate with Oorn!

NAGGOOB - Nyogtha slavers commander
Uprise from the depths of the Cold Waste!

NUG and YEB - Cosmic opposites, creator and keeper
Prepare the earth for the Old Ones return!

Mysterious nexus between planes. . . between dimensions!
Frozen antarctic wastes linked to other worlds. . . dreamlands?
Inhabited ancient ruined monastery - ring of monoliths!
History-depicting maze. . . labyrinthine sanctuary!

Must venture beyond the Bnazic Desert. . . through the Vale of Pnor!
Stumbled upon a Stone citadel amidst the waste. . . Black tower of Leng!
Elder hierophant, veiled behind a yellow mask. . . moonbeast in disguise!
Cold waste dweller. . . High Priest?. . . no! . . . oh, Nyarlathotep!
Mystic, ancient Mysteries acknowledged but expunged thereform. . .
secrets from the Brick Cylinders of Kadatheron. . . unveiled!

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