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Mindly Rotten
Immersed On Chaos
We are in front
of the indeterminate
immersed on chaos being part
of its violent becoming.

Now the world Crowded
of weak and meak slaves
with theirs beliefs in eternal chimeras
and fallen idols has pass over.

Now begins a new age in which men
wont be subdue by themselves
and will be aware of all chains
that could attach their will.

We are immersed on chaos
In its eternal becoming
all visions of future
are dark and confused
because future will not be
a projection of past

But we can see the death
becoming light and life.

But we can see the death
becoming light and life.

eternally changing through catastrophic evolution
and Countless of subtle and radical
transformations, through dissipating all beings,
conserving the fittest

and refusing all waste Likes servants, slaves,
And herd s animals that could disappear
to the profit of life.

Unpredictable is the evolution of chaos
in which death and life Become one,
the dissipation of beings.

Some wasteful beings are refused, others conserved,
but ¿is all human race going to be refuse?
¿ is the weakest and worthless human excrement going to?

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