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Mindly Rotten
Mindly Rotten
you are Mindly rotten
and degenerated

only something putrid and decomposed
can be the fountain of so ingenuous beliefs,
of all those dangerous and stinking thoughts

each one of your words
makes me feel repulse
cause they are impregnated
of your dying, weak thoughts
and reason

your mind have rotten
and you race have degenerated
until make you say senseless words
and think about absurd beings

trying to infest all human race
with your inner illness
you will find your death

bastards and barbarous
building of hates
and disloyalties

festering all your infested thoughts
you want to decompose all our minds,

but ....
your own infection will make you
dying a long time at our sight
and then please us with your agony
and remnants

until finally become a diminished specie,
almost ridiculous, an herd s animal,

a docile being,
sickly and mediocre.

hasta que acabo formándose una especie empequeñecida, casi ridícula, un animal de rebaño, un ser dócil, enfermizo y mediocre .
Friedrich Nietzsche. Más allá del bien y el mal.

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